Saturday 26 January 2013

Why WE take photographs

When I picked up a Nikon FM w---a---y back when. I fell in love, took a weekend course with Nikon (and my Dad). Off and on throughout my life, through the ups and downs, I always managed to keep my hands on my camera. I documented my children's lives in pictures and memories, I shared the pictures with family and friends. Then came the digital era, bought my very first digital camera to take pictures of a very old book from my great great great grandfather 1805 - 1827, he wrote about his experiences as a soldier. Only one copy that we had, so I used the little Kodak Millennium camera to take pictures of each page. I joined my love of family history, genealogy and photography together to make solid memories. My children have images of every step of their lives and this is what I want for others. The ability to look at a picture and feel the brush of fabric, the smell of the new baby, the piano keys, the crunch of snow, the grittiness of sand. Tactile, tangible memories.
My husband (and business partner)  lives and grew up in a 4th generation farm. He has his roots, he knows his roots and I have mine. My children have both.

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