Monday, 28 January 2013

This mornings e-mail

We received a lovely warming email from this client today.

"Thank you again, 
The pictures are amazing. I have to say my favorite is the one with Harlyn and her sad face. I think its because when I see that face I just want to kiss her and cuddle her.
You have made memories for my family this year and I can not thank you enough for that.
You and Gary have a special place in my heart."

Saturday, 26 January 2013

From Daniel's Italy

Why WE take photographs

When I picked up a Nikon FM w---a---y back when. I fell in love, took a weekend course with Nikon (and my Dad). Off and on throughout my life, through the ups and downs, I always managed to keep my hands on my camera. I documented my children's lives in pictures and memories, I shared the pictures with family and friends. Then came the digital era, bought my very first digital camera to take pictures of a very old book from my great great great grandfather 1805 - 1827, he wrote about his experiences as a soldier. Only one copy that we had, so I used the little Kodak Millennium camera to take pictures of each page. I joined my love of family history, genealogy and photography together to make solid memories. My children have images of every step of their lives and this is what I want for others. The ability to look at a picture and feel the brush of fabric, the smell of the new baby, the piano keys, the crunch of snow, the grittiness of sand. Tactile, tangible memories.
My husband (and business partner)  lives and grew up in a 4th generation farm. He has his roots, he knows his roots and I have mine. My children have both.

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Celebrate Life

This was one of my most favourite photo shoots from the past year. No editing SOOC.

Tuesday, 15 January 2013


Took this image in September for a client. We loved the original, then thought to send the file to a photographer friend. Melissa Kew Photography performed some photoshopping hard work. and this is the result.

I am pleased with the final image, it isn't something we regularly do, but hey we can. 

We are natural light/lifestyle photographers. Catching moments, "a snippet in time". That is why our name has a subtitle.

As Scene Photography
An Accidental Photographer
Lamont Alberta

Sunday, 13 January 2013


One our New Years not resolutions, but "intentions", is to be much more proactive with keeping up blogging. I find it difficult sometimes to be creative and witty with words. Photos say so much more to me personally. Many of our clients feel the same way, whether it is an image or a "stilled memory". What we create, is the moment, with all that it holds, the feelings, the visuals, the thought provoking.

So this year we update and share. The accompanying image to this post is one that came out of being tired, but needing to do something with cameras. It was dark and cold outside so an indoor brain storming ensued. And as soon as I can figure out the new Blogspot interface It will be posted. Figured it out. I switched from Internet Explorer to Chrome. Ah such is integration. .